We are pleased and proud of what our client's families have to say about the results our speech therapy program has been able to achieve with their children.  Our speech therapists strive to improve the lives of every one of our clients through comprehensive speech therapy treatment plans tailored to the needs of each child.  You can click on this link if you'd like to read some of our families Google reviews.

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Frisco Eat-Talk-Play Therapy

Our practice is committed to parent engagement in the assessment, goal setting and treatment stages of our therapy programs. We know that your child's progress depends on successful follow through of our treatment program at home in the child's family setting.  Your therapist can suggest how you can support your child's treatment at home. We always appreciate parent's insights into what is working at home.

Pediatric Speech Therapy Designed To Accelerate Your Child’s Progress!

  • Respond to sound in the first few months
  • Attempt to smile & play with others
  • Make babbling sounds before 1st year
  • Say a few words by 18 months
  • Make simple sentences by 2 years
  • Say at least 50 words by 2 years old

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Frisco speech therapy milestones

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2 Months

  • Makes gurgling & coo sounds
  • Turns head toward sounds
  • Recognizes parents’ voice

4 Months

  • Begins to babble & copy other's sounds
  • Cries in different ways to express feelings

6 Months

  • Strings vowels together babbling
  • Begins to say some consonants
  • Makes sounds with parents
  • Responds to their own name
  • Makes sounds to show joy & displeasure

8 Months

  • Understands “no”
  • Copies gestures
  • Points to things they wants
  • Makes some consonant sounds
  • Duplicates sounds mama & baba
  • Plays “peek-a-boo”

12 Months

  • Responds to simple requests
  • Uses simple gestures, ie, bye-bye
  • Varies pitch when talking
  • Says mama, dada, uh-oh
  • Says one or two words

18 Months

  • Says several single words
  • Says & shakes head “no”
  • Points to shows what he wants
  • Begins using 2 words together
  • Points to things of interest
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Successful Communication Can Change Your Child's Life.

2 Years

  • Points to things when named
  • Knows names of body parts
  • Knows names of familiar people
  • Says 2 to 4 word sentences
  • Follows simple instructions
  • Repeats overheard words
  • Points to things in a book
  • About 50-75% intelligible

3 Years

  • Follows 2-3 step instructions
  • Talks intelligibly to strangers
  • Understands “in” & “under”
  • Says first name, age & sex
  • Names a friend
  • Says “I”, me, we, you, dogs
  • Can say 2 to 3 sentences in conversations

4 Years

  • Sings a song from memory
  • Knows basic grammar rules
  • Can say first & last name

5 Years

  • Speaks with adult-like speech
  • Uses future tense correctly
  • Can tell a simple story
  • Says name & address

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Our individualized therapy focuses on the whole child to ensure your child's feeding success.

  • Play with other children by 2 years
  • Speak clearly by 3 years old
  • Show interest in interactive games & make-believe by 3-4 years old
  • Follow 3-part commands by age 4
  • Talk about their daily activities
  • Continue to progress & develop their communication skills

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Our therapist use proven research-based therapy to enable your child to reach their full potential.

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Early Intervention has proven benefits for late talkers and children with speech & feeding disorders.

Benefits to your Child:  Early treatment of pediatric speech developmental delays has been shown to have a positive impact across a range of developmental areas, including the child’s health, language & communication, cognitive development, and  social-emotional development.  Don’t wait to explore treatment options for your child.